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Rules of the
"600th Anniversary of Granting Municipal Rights
to the City of Łódź”
Special Event

§ 1. Organization of the Special Event
	 1. The Special Event is organized by the Łódź Regional Department nr 15 
	 of the Polish Amateur Radio Union, located at Przędzalniana St. 102/104, 
	 93-286 Łódź (mailing address: P.O.Box 442, 90-950 Łódź 1), 
	 hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".
	 2. Participants of the Special Event are:
	 a) Licensed operators,
	 b) SWLs (short-wave listeners),
	 c) Stations participating on the Organizer's side, listed in § 4 point 1a.

§ 2. Purpose and the Topic of the Special Event
	 1. The Special Event is titled
	 "600th Anniversary of Granting Municipal Rights to the City of Łódź"
	 and is heading to honor this event and promote the city of Łódź
	 countrywide and abroad.

§ 3. Duration of the Special Event
	 1. The Special Event starts on October 13, 2023, at 00:00 UTC 
	 and is divided into the following time slots:

	 Slot 1:
	 From 13.10.2023, 00:00 UTC to 15.10.2023, 24:00 UTC
	 Slot 2:
	 From 20.10.2023, 00:00 UTC to 22.10.2023, 24:00 UTC
	 Slot 3:
	 From 10.11.2023, 00:00 UTC to 12.11.2023, 24:00 UTC
	 Slot 4:
	 From 17.11.2023, 00:00 UTC to 19.11.2023, 24:00 UTC
	 2. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the schedule above,
	 about which participants will be informed via the Organizer's website:
	 ( https://ot15.pgk.net.pl ).

§ 4. QSO rules and logging
	 1. Points within the Special Event are awarded for:
	 a) Establishing two-way QSO with designated special event stations: 
	 3Z600LD, HF600LD, SN600LD, SO600LD, 
	 SP600LD, SQ600LD, HF0LODZ, SP0LODZ, and also with stations from 
	 the administrative area of the city of Łódź, 	 	 	 
 	 in accordance with the rules set out in §§ 5 and 6.
	 b) Conducting the reception (SWL reports) of 
	 the two-way QSO specified in subsection a.
	 2. Participants are obliged to log the QSOs and SWL reports mentioned 
	 in section 1 in the ADIF format.

§ 5. Scoring rules
	 1. Points are awarded only for the first QSO (or first SWL report) 
	 with the stations mentioned in §4, sec. 1a, regardless of the band and mode. 
	 Subsequent communications with the same station 
	 (or communication listens) are not scored.
	 2. Points are awarded only for QSOs (or SWL reports) made during the duration of 
	 the diploma action, specifically in the specified time slots listed in § 3, sec. 1.
	 3. Points awarded separately for contacts and listens do not accumulate.

§ 6. Points scale
	 1. For establishing QSO with the event stations listed in § 4, sec. 1a, 
	 (or SWL Report of such contact), 100 points are awarded.
	 2. For establishing QSO with the stations from the administrative area of 
	 the city of Łódź (or SWL report of such contact), 20 points are awarded.

§ 7. Criteria for awarding diplomas
	 1. For participants of the Diploma Action, following diplomas are available:
	 Gold, Silver, Bronze, and “Ex Navicula Navis”.
	 2. Diplomas are awarded to participants who meet the following conditions 
	 (achieve the required number of points):
 	  - Golden diploma – 600 points,
	  - Silver diploma – 400 points,
	  - Bronze diploma – 200 points,
	  - "Ex Navicula Navis" diploma - for establishing scored communications
	  (or their listens) with all event stations, the signs of which are listed in § 4, sec. 1a.

§ 8. Bands and Modes
	 1. Points can only be earned in the amateur shortwave (HF)
	 and VHF (2m, 70cm) bands, using SSB, CW, FM, and digi modulations,
	 excluding QSOs via repeaters.

§ 9. Availability of Diplomas
	 1. Diplomas will be available only in electronic form.
	 Participants will have the opportunity to download them:
	  a) from the website available at the address: logsp.pzk.org.pl,
	  after previously importing the log containing the scored QSOs in the ADIF format 
	 (option available only for operators),
	 b) after sending a log containing scored communications in the ADIF format to the 
	 email address: ot15@pgk.net.pl (option available only for SWLs).

§ 10. Procedure in Case of Disputes
	 1. All disputes and situations not regulated by these Rules
	 will be resolved by the Organizer of the Special Event.
	 2. The Organizer's decisions are final.

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